The Krivo Magnetic Pickup for Upright Bass

“The Krivo acoustic bass pickup is the perfect choice for tone, clarity, and presence. It delivers the authentic sound of the acoustic bass when I need to play in an amplified ensemble settings and it holds up perfectly in both low volume reh
earsals and high energy performances. The compact design makes it especially easy to add to your setup, and it can be attached and removed very efficiently. I recommend the Krivo acoustic bass pickup for the player who needs to add that extra kick to his sound”.
Dirk Shumaker: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

“The Krivo bass pickup delivers a warm, powerful, focused and well defined sound. It has a clarity not found in most piezo pickups especially in the middle and upper registers and has none of the upper-mid brashness that many piezos do. The individual pole pieces allow you to get a balanced sound out of any instrument with little effort. It has been especially useful when touring and playing venue or backline provided basses. I just bring extra mounting tape (which is available in most hardware stores) put the pickup on and instantly have a good sound out of just about any bass (as long as it has steel strings!). Kudos to Jason for coming up with such a fine product!”John Belzaguy: Arturo Sandoval,  Natalie Cole, Eddie Daniels, Poncho Sanchez

Introducing the improved 2017 Krivo™ handcrafted magnetic pickup for acoustic upright bass. 

Krivo Bass Pickup: $189 total price FREE SHIPPING in USA
Krivo Bass pickup: $199.99 .


Here is a fantastic review of the Krivo bass pickup by Dr. Adam Booker: Assistant Professor of Applied Bass and Jazz Studies University of Minnesota Duluth.

(Note: as with all magnetic pickups YOU MUST USE METAL CORE STRINGS—gut or nylon core will not work, (not enough iron content for the magnet to sense).

Easily adjust sting balance with included hex wrench.
Easily adjust sting balance with included hex wrench.

The Krivo bass model also easily achieves perfect string-to-string balance by incorporating adjustable pole pieces. The individual volume of each string is easily adjusted via the allen head set screw type pole pieces (a hex wrench is included).  ⇒


The Krivo bass model features the following:

  • Proprietary “optimized microphonics” winding process to senses slap and fingerboard resonances while maintaining feedback resistance, (you do not need an additional piezo if you play “slap” bass).
  • Humbucking for noise-free performance
  • Neodymium magnets for high output and clarity.
  • Premium Mogami™ cable inside and out.
  • Highest quality Switchcraft™ connectors.
  • Hand-traversed “scatterwound” coils.
  • Easy non invasive mounting with included 3M “dual-lock’ fastener and quick release jack mount.
  • Full instruction manual in pdf format downloadable here.
  • 30 day money back full satisfaction guarantee.
  • No preamp needed.
  • 1 year full parts and labor warranty

Krivo Bass Pickup: $189 total price FREE SHIPPING in USA
Krivo Bass pickup: $199.99 .

Customer comments:

The regularity of the gushing compliments I’ve gotten from jaded nightclub soundmen since I put the Krivo on several months ago is almost embarrassing. Straight to FOH through a REDDI tube DI is pretty much the voice of god. The new smaller model is appealing (the weight of the previous generation tends to throw it out of adjustment slightly during transport) but I hesitate to fix what ain’t sonically broke. Thanks for liberating me from feedback and lack of volume!

—Jeff Bonny, USA.

Just fitted a Krivo humbucking upright bass pickup and its seriously good! No buzz,hum or feedback! […] put your pickup through a marshall and worked my way up the volume till I hit 11…there were pieces of paper flying off my walls from the volume but absolutely no feedback- bravo! (ear plugs were involved of course).

—Goskun Guclu, UK