Videos of Krivos in Action

Djangobucker Videos:

Tim Lerch did a fantastic review of the Djangobucker (same as Über-slim archtop model) here:

Another great review of the Djangobucker, this time by Forrest Williams of the Tipsy Gypsies:

And here is Alex Miller again with the Djangobucker:

Nuevo Single-Coil Videos:

Here is a video of Daniel Patin of Le Niglo demoing the Nuevo single-coil pickup:

And Alex Hand Miller Demoing the Nuevo single-coil:

Videos of the Krivo bass pickup in action:

Yoshinari Terano Playing a Krivo on his Kohlstein travel bass:

“Just wanted to say I love my Krivo upright bass pickup. I’ve had it for a few months now and it absolutely SMOKES the Schaller humbucker I used to have. I have a few videos and recordings of it that I figured I would send your way. Here’s a recent live performance we did in our hometown of Phoenix.”  Chuck Morriss III, (Jared and the Mill) USA:

Resophonic Videos